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Self Care Skin

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber white

Self Care Skin

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber

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Deep Blackhead Removal

  • Through 24000/s high-frequency vibration, the impurities in the pores are smashed and discharged, and with the skincare products, you can quickly remove the blackheads, dead skin, dirt, and oil in your pores. It is cleaner, faster, and deeper than the vacuum blackhead remover, and the pores won't be opened anymore.

EMS Function

  • EMS can transport nutrients into the skin layer through electricity. Accelerates metabolism, renews skin cells, softens old keratin, relieves melanin, and firm wrinkles. It helps to restore elasticity and make your skin firm, smooth and tender.

Sweet & Light

  • Light electric blackhead removal, easy to carry. In 3-4 hours fully charged, it may last a week. A perfect gift for family or friends.

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Amazing product. Works like a charm.

Nice, loved it. It’s really practical. Fast Charge. It’s rechargeable it comes with its own usb cordon. Five different levels and five different heads for removals.

This works perfectly!! It does exactly what it is ment to do. It removes my blackheads and even acne! I’m happy with it, thanks A LOT!!!

Was delivered fast works exactly as decribed!

My order came so fast and worked exactly as described! The quality is excellent!

I came back to order for my mom and sisters these products have changed my life!! I definetly recommend! If I could give six stars I would!!!

My skin is amazing now I can really tell the difference!!! Highy recommend!

Delivered clearly in time, all whole, quality is excellent as promised!

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