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Self Care Skin

Face Massager With LED Treatment

Face Massager pack

Self Care Skin

Face Massager With LED Treatment

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Wrinkle Removal:

  • This device massages the face uses technologies developed in the field of medicine and physiotherapy to activate the natural chemicals of the skin responsible for health and vitality. Effective on collagen boosting, elastic stimulating, restructure collagen, and tender skin with accumulation. Effective in skin tightening, wrinkle removal, whiten and soften delicate skin, reduce pores, disperse the eye socket, crow's feet, eliminate yellow skin


6 Color LED Care:

  • Light can be introduced directly into the deep skin, remove excess fat and toxins from the body through the sweat glands. Warm color light can smooth eye bags and good for eyes skincare. and restrain excessive melanin production, so make the skin more white. Cold light can anti-inflammatory calm shrink pores, apply to acne or greasy skin, and whitening the skin, suitable for skin darker skin. Flash Light can strengthen the infiltration of hairdressing fluid or gels.


EMS Massage for Essence Enter:

  • Massage the points with a microcurrent to open the meridians in an instant, achieving the purpose of dredging the meridians, at the same time, strengthens the molecular resonance of skin cells, promote blood circulation, thus the skin can absorb more skincare products than normal treatment. Let skin cells full of every drop essence. EMS also can make your skin more smooth and improve the skin dryness situation


Outstanding Machine Details:

  • Adopting the latest technology, which is safe and comfortable to use. Four high-quality conductive metal head which is suitable for all skin types and perfect fit every curve of the face. Designed with 4 modes of current intensity and 6 modes of LED color light, different modes will get different effects, you can choose according to your needs. Charging Base is a good stand holder to keep the machine clean and easy to use


Amazing product. Works like a charm.

Nice, loved it. It’s really practical. Fast Charge. It’s rechargeable it comes with its own usb cordon. Five different levels and five different heads for removals.

This works perfectly!! It does exactly what it is ment to do. It removes my blackheads and even acne! I’m happy with it, thanks A LOT!!!

Was delivered fast works exactly as decribed!

My order came so fast and worked exactly as described! The quality is excellent!

I came back to order for my mom and sisters these products have changed my life!! I definetly recommend! If I could give six stars I would!!!

My skin is amazing now I can really tell the difference!!! Highy recommend!

Delivered clearly in time, all whole, quality is excellent as promised!

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